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Peach blossom color changing glass pipe

Peach blossom color changing glass pipe

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This beautiful pipe is inspired by one of my favorite annual events-  the Oregon Country Fair!  I’ve been lucky enough to secure a booth at this epic art extravaganza the past couple of years and it is truly one of the most magical experiences of my life!  The fair’s logo is the peach, so I thought it only fitting to take my signature style and pay homage to this long standing freedom fest.

To achieve the flower on the head of the piece, I pull thin glass stringers and use the torch’s flame to direct the stringer onto the surface of the glass.  Think of it like painting with glass on glass.  This technique is quite tedious, but it is what I love doing the most and I’m so excited offer this peach blossom pipe as a constant edition to my shop!  

I use real gold and silver to fume the inside of the body of the pipe, enabling a drastic shift in color with use!

The peach blossom pipe is super thick and durable and measures about 4 1/2 inches long.  Your piece will be made to order, so please expect some variation from the piece featured in the photo!

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